I was born in the Bay Area, California in 1980. My father was an industrial painter wishing for his son to follow in his footsteps, but I was just a young naive boy. Industrial painting did not work out for me, however the lessons I learned with my father spilled into my future with fine arts. During my undergraduate process I fell ill with a rare degenerative disease of the brain, called Pseudo-tumor Cerebri. This occurrence changed the course of my life. As my ability to function deteriorated I began to question the nature of existence. I began my investigation of chaos, which led me to this road.

I am seeking truth through objectivity and the celebration of process. I have learned many forms of art over the years, but none equals to my passion for painting. It is my hope that through meticulous practice, research and mentorship will lead me to enlightenment. My current works are abstract and composed of mostly recycled latex industrial paint. Each painting is experimental in nature,utilizing chance and the end result is not always the goal. Each mark sequentially has an effect on how the next mark is created. I employ the use of random drips, tape, mops, and brooms to create an environment filled with energy. As the paint drips I can turn the painting to try to direct where the drip goes but I can never fully control the outcome. Chance forces the painting to evolve on its own organically. Many sets of layers are painted till it is deemed complete, or reborn as a different entity. This meticulous practice of chaos eventually blossoms into a pattern. Like a forest reseeding itself after a fire, out of chaos comes order. Eternal clashes and dualities lead to universal truths.

Bringing a scientific perspective into the studio gives me the drive to keep creating. My current practice can be summed up as the action of transcribing scientific and esoteric knowledge into visual entities that can be collectively understood, while simultaneously excavating and cataloging as many techniques as possible. My current research draws from the impact that chaos and order have on the universe and subsequently each other. Chaos theory states that conditions can be inherently chaotic but the overall scope of the variation can have a pattern, such as a Lorenz attractor; whereas the butterfly effect states that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a Tornado in Texas. Our interconnectedness as a society defines our mindset in an ever expanding world. Humanity is at a tipping point, as our eyes focus on the struggle between nature and civilization. We are in constant state of flux and everything is connected, even the unseen. As such, I am also motivated by what cannot be seen such as: sound, emotion, dark matter, dark energy, time, atoms, gases, magnetic fields and radio waves.